EbrMicroStar.com | Vente et Service d'ordinateurs usagés, neufs et réparation à Montréal

EBR Micro*Star Brand

For the last 20 years, EBR Micro*Star Branded Computer Systems have always incorporated the aspects of reliable components, high performance processors and industry leading motherboards.

Intel products have been the basis for Micro*Star branded computer systems and continue to be available exclusively with all Intel's latest technology.

With EBR Micro*Star computers, our customers are able to configure the system they want specifically to their desires and the to the specifications that they need.

Most importantly all of our Micro*Star branded computer systems, servers, and workstations are all hand constructed and assembled with care and precision on site. We are proud to say that our computer systems renowned reliability and seamless performance reflect its made in Quebec heritage.
Micro*Star systems can be configured with any of these latest processors and motherboards from Intel.

Intel Xeon Intel Centrino 2 V Pro
Intel Centrino V Pro Intel Centrino 2 V Pro Intel Centrino Intel Core 2 V Pro

Intel Core i7 Intel Core i5

Intel Atom Processor

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